Bridgestone’s Enliten Tyre Promises Improved Efficiency and Stability

A key driver to reducing emissions and improving economy is tyre technology, which explains the ‘eco tyres’ manufacturers fit to their latest models. Lower rolling resistance translates to less power being required to move a car forward, with savings in fuel use coming from that.

Bridgestone is going further with its introduction of Enliten, a tyre that uses an innovative approach to tyre design and production; a proprietary compound mix improves wear rates, and allows for a decreased tread depth, and minimised and reinforced inner liner thickness. The net result is a reduction in mass of around 10%, which contributes to lowering a vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Rolling resistance is also reduced by as much as 20%.

Impressively, Bridgestone promises that the Enliten tyre provides the same wear life as a standard tyre, while also improving a vehicle’s handling and stability.

As well as reducing vehicle emissions, the lower mass of the Enliten tyre also means fewer raw materials are used in production, reducing the environmental impact both during production and after use.

“Becoming more sustainable is the responsibility of every person and business on this planet,” explains Paolo Ferrari, CEO and president at Bridgestone EMEA. “For example, at Bridgestone, everything we do must contribute to our sustainability strategy, ‘Our Way to Serve’. Of course, our customers have their own initiatives, and as their partner, we are responsible for helping them achieve their goals as best we can. As we are working towards our long-term environmental vision to manufacture products from raw materials that are fully renewable and sustainable by 2050 and beyond, Enliten is a great step forward.”

In recent years, Bridgestone Corporation has invested heavily in R&D, spending approximately €800 (£715) million per year to develop new technologies, products and solutions that can enable customers, fleets and end-users to become more sustainable and more efficient.

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