Bridgestone and BMW Break New Ground

BMW’s latest luxury sports car requires serious rubber to keep it on the road, which is why the company turned to Bridgestone. Already the German firm’s number-one tyre supplier, Bridgestone has developed tyres specifically for the 8 Series, with the R&D team starting from square one.

Using an innovative mixing process, they combined unique materials to create a tyre compound that delivers excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, and stiffness that assists cornering and response. The result is the Bridgestone Turanza T005 and Potenza S007

The partnership with BMW has extended to cover the new 3 Series and X5 ranges too, with the SUV requiring tyres that would deliver a phenomenally smooth ride. Bridgestone fine-tuned the tyres to seamlessly collaborate with the adaptive and adjustable air suspension on the all-wheel-drive SUV, with eight tyres being approved by BMW, ranging in size from 18- to 21-inch. The Alenza 001 tyre has been confirmed as a summer tyre for its excellent performance, superior control and exceptional response in wet and dry conditions.

For the tyres of the latest BMW 3 Series, Bridgestone used 3D Virtual Design software to analyse and fine-tune the tyre shape and pressure distribution. This method also allowed the wet and dry grip to be perfected. A new compound improves temperature control and material dispersion, while rolling resistance has been reduced to such an extent that it has been assessed as best in class.

These latest additions mean that Bridgestone now provides tyres to fit every size in the BMW range, with OEM fitment across various models using specifically developed tyres – a process that takes around two years.

The benefit is better handling and ride, with reduced emissions and improved safety, including run-flat versions of many specifications.

“What we accomplish together with BMW addresses current challenges and helps us to optimise technology, especially in terms of safety and performance,” said Mark Tejedor, VP of Original Equipment at Bridgestone EMEA. “We are looking forward to continuing the intense partnership between Bridgestone and BMW with a variety of BMW vehicles due to be launched in 2019.”

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