Volkswagen Vans Give Real-World Workout

With New Year Resolutions still fresh in the mind, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has teamed up with Pimlico Plumbers to create a workout video every driver can manage while out on their run.

The average van driver spends nearly three hours sat behind the wheel each day, often eating unhealthy snacks through the day. That time sat also slows the metabolism, thwarting efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While the average van driver aims to work out twice a week, finding time isn’t always easy. Health experts advise doing at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or brisk walking every week and strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles, time that can seem impossible to find.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has teamed up with Pimlico Plumbers and its in-house personal trainer, James Dean, to devise a programme which is designed to tackle different muscle groups for a well-rounded workout.

And there’s no need for expensive gym memberships and pricey equipment; you just need your van. We’re sure Volkswagen would prefer it to be the new Transporter, but any van will do.

Cable Skip: Ensure cable is long enough to loop over your head with some slack. Use this as a cardio warm-up with 30 seconds skipping followed by 30 seconds rest and repeat 10 times.

Toolbox Squat & Raise: Hold the toolbox out in front of you and squat from the knees ensuring you keep your arms out in front of you, back straight and feet flat. Stand back up and raise the toolbox above your head before repeating. (10-20 reps)

Pipe Clean & Press: Start with the pipe on the floor and bend down keeping your back straight. Lift the pipe to chest height and get comfortable with the weight before pressing it overhead with straight arms. (10-20 reps)

Panel Push-Ups: Place your hands on the bumper facing the van in a regular press-up position with your legs straight out behind you. Lower yourself towards the bumper before lifting yourself back up. (10-20 reps)

Bumper Dips: With the rear doors open place your hands on the bumper and stretch your legs out in front of you. Lower yourself down until your elbows reach 90 degrees or you touch the floor. (10-20 reps)

Seated Wrench Curls: Open the side door and sit on the edge. Take a wrench and lift from your waist to your shoulder keeping your body still. Repeat for a wrench in each hand. (10-20 reps)

“We want to encourage van drivers to get fit this New Year with our on-the-go workout that can be done anywhere drivers may find themselves with a spare five minutes,” explains Sarah Cox, head of marketing for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. “It’s all part of putting our customers first, and this unique programme could see Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Working Out With You in 2019!”

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