How to Make Your Car Last Longer

Generally speaking, the average car today has been on the road for 11 years already. That said, new cars are typically sold by their first owner after the six year benchmark. This likely shows when a vehicle starts becoming problematic due to ageing and, if you’re buying a used car NI, you need to counter this decline with everything you’ve got to make it last longer.

Additionally, there are some who suggest that the cars themselves won’t be around anymore in as near as 20 years, so the lifespan of our vehicles is constantly being called into question. In any event, it’s important to get everything you possibly can out of a vehicle before sending it to the scrap heap.

Consequently, here’s how to make your car last longer.

A Trusted Dealer

Your car will last longer if it’s been sold to you by a trusted dealer. This is because they’ll take extra measures to ensure that all the cars on their lot are safe and good to drive. They’ll avoid taking on ‘problem cars’ that will breakdown at the first sign of trouble, and will guarantee their customers a fully working car as expected. In the end, they’re bound by integrity rather than just the need to make some quick money.

For example, companies such as Shelbourne Motors thoroughly check and assess all their used vehicles through the expertise of their own highly trained technicians. They’ll run their own inspections before even considering selling any car onto a customer. Obviously, this level of professional know-how is a great starting point if you desire longevity from your vehicle.

Timely Servicing

If your car is working in good order, it can be tempting to put off your scheduled servicing assessments. After all, if the car is working, what’s the point in spending money on a routine, redundant inspection? Well, not every servicing is redundant and hidden flaws, or hints of problems that could get bigger overtime, can be detected and fixed early.

Servicing costs are usually around the £100 region, and for most it’ll only be required once a year. Why risk it? Any needed repairs or maintenance work can be free of charge if your warranty allows it, so don’t take any shortcuts here. Get your car serviced regularly, and it’ll stay in working order for years to come.

Safety Checks

Not every check should come at a service test! Your own safety checks are the easiest way to keep your car in good nick. Every so often, you should check your tyres before you make a trip. You can also test the brakes to see how responsive they are, top up fluids, replace all the spark plugs and leads with fresh updates, and so forth.

While it might seem excessive, any tips and tricks you can pull off will ensure your car lasts. It’s not even just about the internal efficiency of your car, but the quality of drive you’ll experience on the road. Who knows, perhaps because you found faulty tyres or brakes beforehand, you may have just prevented an accident on the road that would have written off your car entirely.

Do your own basic checks and maintenance work, and your car will have a long life.

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