Things to Look for in a Good Car Dealership

The used car market can be a fantastic place to purchase a vehicle due to its sheer size, but this can also make it somewhat of a minefield. Unfortunately, you often hear horror stories of motorists being scammed, buying unsafe cars or getting ripped off. The most important step to take when considering purchasing a used car is to make sure that you visit a reputable dealership and avoid buying privately.


So, how do you pick the right dealership? First, it is worth looking online to see what you can find out about different dealerships. Visit their webpage and social media channels to see how professional they look and to see if there are customer testimonials (although these are not always trustworthy). You can also look for complaints from the Trustpilot.

First Impressions

Leadership is key to every good used car dealership. Go into the dealership and see what your first impression is and speak to the people that work there – they should be welcoming and not pushy. Look around to see if it is kept neat and tidy and the cars are well maintained. If possible, speak to the owner as this will be a clear indication – they should be friendly, professional, look after their customers and be passionate about their work. The dealership should also not be very promotional or have prices or offers that seem too good to be true.

Further Checks

These are the main ways that you can find a reputable dealership which will be a good place to buy a used car. You will then want to give any vehicle a thorough examination and take it for a test drive. In addition to this, it is also essential that you get a vehicle history check carried out by a specialist like Cap HPI. These companies find the 1 in 3 vehicles have some kind of hidden past that even the dealership could be unaware of. Whether or not it is recorded as stolen, outstanding finance and previously being written off are just a few of the dark secrets that a car could be harbouring. The dealership may have a history check carried out, but it is always worth getting your own check carried out for peace of mind.

Buying a used car is a huge purchase and you need to make sure that it is the right decision. One of the most important aspects is to pick the right dealership as this should ensure that you purchase a high-quality vehicle and have a good buying experience. The used car market has a bad reputation and this is because there are a lot of shady dealerships and unsafe vehicles, but the above information should help you to navigate the market safely.

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