Why You Need a Used Ford Focus Titanium X 2017 67-Plate Model

The Ford Focus is nothing short of iconic in all its forms, shapes, sizes and colours. It’s always been enormously popular around the world, and companies such as Motorpoint ensure that there is a car for everyone, keeping up with the high demand. In the end, the brand is bigger than most, a beacon of trust and high-quality services that every driver can willingly get behind.

One of their newer iterations has come to the fore; the Ford Focus Titanium X 2017. Fitted with the 67 plate (fitted for cars registered between September 2017 and the end of February 2018) model, the Ford Focus Titanium X 2017 has a lot of tricks and toys to offer the driver lucky enough to sit in the driver’s seat. Consequently, here is quick rundown of the key features found in the Ford Focus Titanium X 2017.

Safety Alerts

Parallel parking, or even parking in general, is the bane of every driver out there. Wedging into tight spots and squeezing by expensive cars is no one’s idea of fun, and no doubt many people strongly desire easier and more efficient parking. Now, the Ford Focus Titanium X is following trends set out by the seriously fancy cars, but at a much more affordable price.

Yes, a rear-view parking camera is now readily available to provide heightened focus (no pun intended), and sensors are installed at the rear to ward off the potential for any accidents. It’s a cross traffic alert system, alerting you to nearby cars, and certainly beats twisting heads this way and that to steer effectively. Moreover, it doesn’t overbearingly dominate the driving experiences the same way a sat-nav might.

Furthermore, the built-in distance indicator flags your proximity to cars even while you’re driving regularly. This can help you drive more safely, as well as spot and avoid drivers who are not. There’s even a built-in system that informs you if you’re too tired to drive, cracking down on dangerous driving methods across the board. Thanks to the help of high end tech, driving is a little safer and cars are more scratch free!

Style and Comfort

A huge part of the appeal in a car is its fashion factor. After all, no one wants to be seen driving an old banger, so it’s important every motor is as graceful and elegant as can possibly be. Naturally, the Ford Focus Titanium X hits all the right points here too.

For example, the inclusion of alloy wheels on the Ford Focus Titanium X means it can stop and start quicker, allowing for more refined control when driving. Cars that are more responsive are safer to drive, and allow you show off your sharper skills to those not in the know. You are now more in control of the vehicle, rather than taming a clunky beast.

If that’s not enough, the vehicle is also embellished by heated front seats and front and rear floor mats. This keeps the car warm and clean, something that is nigh on impossible to do after a winter hike. Now, passengers have no cause to complain, and the features of the car make possible a smooth, safe and enjoyable ride.

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