The Fiat 500: The Perfect Car for a City Lifestyle

It’s understandable to assume that no car could possibly fit the city mould well. After all, the best driving conditions can’t be found there, and the cars themselves can contribute to a whole host of issues. Heavy traffic, flaring tempers and a constant flow of citywide pollution means that most vehicles are something of a curse on the cityscape.

However, there’s one car that rises above it all; the Fiat 500. As its reputation for reliability grows, it has now become an example of stellar car manufacturing, built with both the driver, and the pedestrian, in mind. The new series, the 500 Collezione, was recently released to mark the 10-year anniversary of the car, introducing a fresh new model that further exemplifies the motoring marvel. Here’s how it traverses the city, not only in style, but with safety measures too.

Fuel Economy

It’s no secret that car pollution is a major issue, and affects the health of every city dweller today. The statistics are staggering, even causing early deaths and affecting the lung capacity and breathing habits of children. Young or old, the sheer wealth of cars clogging up the roads in urban areas is a problem worth tackling, and the 500 Collezione bravely joins the charge.

While the car isn’t electrically powered, the Collezione is equipped with a 1.2 69hp petrol engine, meaning that it’s certainly a lot lower on emissions than many of its competitors. Like the regular Fiat 500, the car is small and compact, specifically designed for urban areas and to use less fuel. Certainly, there are much worse cars out there when it comes to making an impact on the environment, and the smaller and cheaper state of the Collezione makes it all the better.

Convertible Collezione

Cities are rammed with traffic and blaring horns. For all intents and purposes, it’s an incredibly stressful environment, as everyone vies and vrooms to be where they want to be. When summer hits, sweaty workers just want to breathe the free air, have some fun, or take a cold shower, so tempers are heightened even more. It’s a nightmare.

Of course, it might seem contradictory to want a convertible car in a pollution heavy cityscape, but the Collezione offers it to great effect. After all, during those hot and stuffy summer months it’s handy to feel as if you’re outdoors. It’s almost therapeutic, and of course enables better visibility on a practical level. Where the traffic of the cityscape can feel confining and claustrophobic, the convertible Collezione can feel liberating; which is how every car should feel!

Elegant and Stylish

Important safety measures aside, every car owner has a shallow side to them; they want what’s pretty. It’s fair play, as cars are an enormous investment, so it’s only natural to want something that looks good for all that money. Furthermore, cities are a hub of stylishness and fashionable choices, so driving anything less than impeccable won’t do.

The Fiat 500 Collezione ticks every box in the style category. From the body of the car to the very dashboard, everything is coloured mint white and grey, colours that mark something modern and trendy instead of drab and tacky. It’s compact but clever, small yet bold, and it flaunts its style with subtlety rather than the smug overbearingness of a supercar. Put simply, it’s chic and certain to impress.

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