Halloween’s Hated Horror Heap

If you’ve ever driven a horrible Honda or a scary Skoda, you’ll appreciate that motoring can sometimes be an expensive business.

It’s all fine when things are working well, but when things go bump in the night the bills can be ghastly.

MotorEasy has taking insights from its 40,000 or so car warranties to stitch together a creepy car featuring the most expensive repair costs. Pricey parts mean the frightening figure for the make-believe motor’s repair bills comes close to a bloodcurdling £25,000 a year.

A repulsive repair bill for a Range Rover engine instantly adds £15,689 to the total, while an aging Audi A5’s axle could have set the owner back £2,050. Evil electrics on an A3 add £3,167 to the total, along with bloody brakes, alarming air-con, scary steering faults topped up the beastly bill to £24,606.

A creepy computer concept bringing together the various parts results in an unnervingly ugly monster motor that will leave children (and adults) in tears of both fear and frustration.

“This car is every motorist’s nightmare, with a stratospheric repair bill,” commented Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy’s fiendish founder. “While the concept is just a bit of fun, it does nonetheless highlight the financial hit when things do go wrong with cars. Our creation is an extreme example but the fact is that very few people have money lying around if the worst happens.”

Phil Huff

Phil is a motoring writer for print and web, failed racing driver, car hoarder and banger rally competitor. Nominated for the Headline Auto Rising Star award and a MGMW member, Phil freelances for outlets as diverse as Diesel Car magazine, DAD.info and Cambridge Magazine, amongst many others. He also maintains a fleet of unloved motors, but spends most of his time driving an old Corvette.

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