ReRendevouz: Ford Mustang recreates ‘C’etait un Rendez-vous’

Is it a Ferrari? A Mercedes? No…

Forty years ago, a nine-minute film captured the imagination of both car enthusiasts and romantics. C’était un Rendez-vous featured an unseen car racing through the streets of Paris, the protagonist speeding to an amorous meeting above the city skyline.

Now Ford has reimagined the journey, introducing 360-degree virtual reality – and a Mustang.

“I had goose bumps watching ‘C’etait un rendez-vous’ 40 years later in virtual reality,” said Claude Lelouch, the original filmmaker. “At the time, my movie was about the feeling of freedom and the pleasure driving generates. I knew that Ford would do more than just a tribute to the original in this new version.”

Sadly, perfectly recreating the main aspects of the route was a challenge as some roads have since disappeared. However, for what remains, viewers can control camera angles and the virtual environment as the Mustang powers through Paris.

“Mustang is a symbol of the freedom and thrill of driving. Recreating Lelouch’s cult short film ‘C’etait un rendez-vous’ was the perfect way to capture this spirit for a new audience,” said Anthony Ireson, Ford’s European marketing communications director.

ReRendevouz can be watched in full 360-degree vision below…

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