TomTom Tech Means You’ll Never Need to Hunt for a Parking Space Again

Take that, traffic warden!

Finding a parking space is, even at the best of times, never easy. Multi-storey car parks have endless queues for the handful of spaces left, while on-street parking is a gamble; is there any, can I park there, what’s the cost, what are the restrictions?

TomTom aims to help with its new On-Street Parking service. Using a data feed from drivers in 25 cities around Europe, the service will complement it’s Off-Street Parking (parking garage) information service that’s already available to TomTom customers.

The system will take the vast amount of GPS data provided by TomTom customers driving around looking for spaces, and create a model that estimates the location, availability and expected search time for on-street parking spaces. Where it’s available, the service will even publish pricing and restriction information.

“TomTom On-Street Parking offers drivers peace of mind and a less stressful parking experience, in addition to helping them save time and money,” says Ralf-Peter Schafer, head of traffic and travel information at TomTom. “The service also helps reduce congestion in cities and thus lower CO2 emissions, and enables cities to better understand and manage street parking inventory to improve urban mobility”.

Looking further ahead, the service could also be integrated into autonomous cars, allowing them to disappear and find their own parking space. For now, while you’ll save some time in finding a space, you’ll still have to do the hard work yourself.

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