SEAT’s Virtual Handover Becomes a Reality

The cars are real. Probably.

When a company takes delivery of 129 cars, handing over each individual model to its new owner is going to take a while.

That’s why SEAT has taken advantage of the latest technological developments to demonstrate the features of their Leon to a group of drivers working for retail marketing agency Blue Square.

Using a personalised video deployed via a VR Gear headset and the latest Samsung S7 smartphone, the virtual handover covered all of the car’s features, from operating the major controls to the in-car technology including the latest Full Link infotainment system.

Using the technology substantially reduced the time required to deliver the vehicles, enabling them to make their maiden voyage from Newark to Scotland promptly. If anything was missed, the presentation can be re-watched anywhere.

SEAT announced a partnership with Samsung at last year’s Mobile World Congress, showcasing a Leon with connectivity technology incorporated to alter the car’s ambient lighting, climate control settings, favourite music and even a greeting message upon entering the car, as well as the ability to lock and unlock the car doors using a smartwatch.

The Ibiza Connect models even come with a Samsung smartphone to ensure buyers can take full advantage of the mobile technology incorporated in the car.

“In keeping with SEAT’s ‘Technology to Enjoy’ ethos, smartphone technology can be embraced to deliver cars to our customers in even more efficient and exciting ways by our dealers,” explained Richard Harrison, managing director at SEAT UK, “whilst video content offers huge scope for personalisation, including capturing that all-important moment of collecting your new car. I’m sure this is just a glimpse of where we could be heading in the not too distant future.”

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