Second-Hand Vans Hide More Faults Than Cars

Fault finders find faults shocker.

Buying second-hand means there’s a risk of buying a vehicle with some hidden faults, but it’s vans that hide the most problems.

New research by AA Vehicle Inspections reveals that more faults were found on vans than any other vehicle type. Vehicle inspectors were polled about the pre-sale inspections they carry out every month at dealers across the UK, and 40% said that vans inspected on the forecourt had the most problems.

A quarter of the same inspectors discovered that medium class cars were found to have the most faults during inspection, while 12% discovered faults on sports cars more than any other class of vehicle.

The most common faults found on diesel models were related to the engine, with 96% of those found with faults having some sort of motor issue. Petrol powered models fared better, with 64% having engine faults. More worryingly, a third of those petrol models found with faults had them either on the chassis, steering or electrics.

Almost half of inspectors (48%) discovered more problems on vehicles with mileage between 100,000 and 149,000 miles, compared to just 12% finding more faults on vehicles with mileage above 150,000 miles.

More than half of inspectors found that over a quarter of the vehicles they inspected had illegal or unsafe tyres.

“A high number of our inspectors found more faults on vans at dealers than any other vehicle type,” commented David Bruce, director of AA Vehicle Inspections. “It shows the value of having a comprehensive inspection carried out on stock, particularly stock that might be susceptible to faults.”

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