Nissan Builds the World’s First Seven-Seater… Bobsleigh?

Need seven seats but also want to fling your family down an icy tube? Thought so…

Nissan has created the world’s first seven-seat bobsleigh, inspired by the design of the Nissan X-Trail, and then strapped a team of seven sportsmen in before sending them down the historic Olympic track at Igls, Austria.

Piloted by British Olympic medallist Sean Olsson, the X-Trail bobsleigh is capable of reaching speeds of over 60mph pulling a G-force of 4.5G. Following the road cars design, the bobsleigh even includes some LED running lights in the same shape as those found on the X-Trail.

The lack of roof even allows in unobstructed 360-degree view, which Nissan has loosely linked to their Around View Monitor system that provides a bird’s eye view of the car.

One would assume that the All Mode 4×4-i system on the X-Trail allows a little more control in the ice and snow than the blades underneath the bobsleigh.

Darryl Scriven, design manager at Nissan Design Europe, teamed up with bobsled manufacturer Diego Menardi and sport expert Ian Richardson to morph car design with Olympic aerodynamics.

“We wanted to give the opportunity to experience first-hand the adventurous nature of our crossover segment through the thrill and excitement of Olympic bobsleighing,” explained Scriven. “The outcome mimics the fresh ideas and technologies from the brand’s ground-breaking crossover models.”

There is no news on availability in the UK….

X-Trail Tekna 1.6 dCi 4×4 X-Trail Bobsleigh
Gross Weight:
Kerb Weight:
Top Speed:
1,710 mm
4,640 mm
2,160 kg
1,580 kg
1.6-litre turbo diesel
11.0 seconds
116 mph
130 PS (128 bhp)
850 mm
4,200 mm
895 kg
310 kg
30.0 seconds
65 mph
630 PS (621 bhp)

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