Infiniti Unleash Q60 at Detroit

Going way beyond infinity…

BMW and Audi won’t be having the premium sports coupe market to themselves if the Q60 coupe is anything to by.

Designed to be unmistakably an Infiniti, and taking a boat load of design cues from the Q50 saloon, it’s said (by Infiniti) to have ‘daring proportions and taut, muscular lines’. That bold chrome grille, crescent-shaped rear pillars and distinctive light treatment certainly stand out, but it’s what’s under the bonnet that is holds the appeal here.

Instead of the ever-shrinking engines of its rivals, Infiniti has picked up a 400bhp 3.0-litre V6 unit and dropped it under that curvaceous metalwork. A seven-speed automatic gearbox will transfer that power to all four wheels, splitting thrust equally when required but reverting to good old-fashioned rear-wheel bias under most conditions.

Sadly, it also looks set to come with electronic steer-by-wire. This didn’t work awfully well on the Q50, but there’s been a couple of years to tune things so we might get lucky

The 2.0-litre model gets a proper rack-and-pinion set up, which is far more satisfying. The four-cylinder engine borrowed from Mercedes provides 208bhp so, while Infiniti is keeping performance figures close to its chest, 60 shouldn’t take more than around seven seconds.

A typically Infiniti interior promises a combination of luxury and driver-centric focus, as well as 13 speakers for the Bose sound system. These also combine with an active noise cancelling system to block the background drone you find coming from tyres, engines and wind noise when driving.

The regular raft of Infiniti safety systems will also be available, from Around View Monitor to BAckup Collision Intervention, and everything in between. Some will be standard, some undoubtedly optional, but specify it all and the car may very well defy physics and refuse to crash.

Expect to see the Q60 on the road towards the end of the year.

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