Harman Keeping an Eye on Drivers

Your car is watching you. No really, it is…

Best known for their in-car audio systems, Harman actually make all sorts of technology that’s hidden away in your motor. Its latest development is a system that watches you as you drive.

Using proprietary eye and pupil tracking systems, the Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) keeps an eye on a driver’s, er, eyes to check if they’re tired, distracted or over-stimulated. It does this using an in-cabin camera, something gaining popularity in cars to detect driver drowsiness.

However, Harman add some software wizardry to proceedings to analyse pupil reflex using advanced filtering and signal processing. The filter isolates and identifies responses triggered by high cognitive load, and could then switch mobile devices to a do-not-disturb mode, or adjust the level of assistance driver aids give in order to reduce physical or mental demands on the driver.

The technology eliminates the need for complex sensors built into seats and steering wheels, or biometric sensors that require physical contact with the driver, making it a more appealing proposition to manufacturers.

Expect luxury models to be equipped with this system in the next couple of years.

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