Drive the Holy Trinity: Take the La Ferrari, P1 and 918 to 200mph and Beyond

Can’t stretch to your own supercar? Borrow three of the finest and max them out…

It all started with Top Gear before Clarkson had an issue with a lack of hot meat. The Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 represent the current pinnacle of the hypercar, but even the BBC couldn’t get them all together at Dunsfold for the Stig to play with.

While a few of society’s richer folk have managed to spend the money necessary to add the trio to their own private collection, and one or two have even taken them to the track to compare, it’s now possible for you to have a go in all three cars and do what Stig couldn’t.

The team at Auto Vivendi, the world’s largest supercar club, have brought together the three cars, as well as a private facility with two miles of tarmac to play on. That means 200mph should be possible in each of the cars, with plenty of time to stop!

This comes at a cost, obviously. A rather high cost, in fact, but if you’ve got £7,500 going spare, and a day out of the office available, then you could be joining the 200mph club. Three times.

As well as trying to max out the Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche hypercars, you’ll also get warm up runs in a 458 Italia, 12C and 911 Turbo S, none of which are slouches. Each car will also have speed recording equipment installed, and there’ll be a video recording to take home as proof of your achievements.

If anybody has another spare £7,500, we’d love to join you…

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