Caterham Introduce ‘Luxury’ Version of Their Fastest Ever Road Car

Want serious speed, but also fancy a windscreen and comfortable seats? Excellent…

Caterham’s Seven 620R is a ballistic missile that sacrifices everything in terms of comfort and convenience to offer an engaging (and slightly terrifying) drive. Realising that’s not for everybody, a 620S option is now available.

The S means that such luxuries as a windscreen, side screens and fabric roof are now fitted as standard, as well as leather seats.

The more robust customer can also specify the S5 chassis, a £2,500 option that gives buyers a longer and wider chassis that provides more interior space and room for luggage. A larger fuel tank also means that the driving range is extended.

Other changes to the S include the changing of the sequential six-speed gearbox to an altogether friendlier five-speed manual, as well as road springs and dampers.

The race-inspired 13-inch wheels on the R are replaced with more appealing 15-inch anthracite wheel on the S, while those in need of real creature comforts can now specify heated carbon seats as a cost option.

However, the brake master cylinder and limited-slip differential are shared with the R, ensuring optimum performance. Carbon fibre interior panels and dash and the lightweight flywheel of the 620R are also installed to save a few vital kilograms.

It all adds up to a car that will rocket from standstill to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds, continuing on to a 145mph maximum speed. If you’re really brave.

The 620S is priced at £44,995 with deliveries starting later this year.

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