The Fiery Fight of Fuel

The raging war between petrol and diesel has seen many vociferous arguments and debates. Different schools of thought promote a variant that suits individual needs and benefits. While a number of car models come in both petrol and diesel variants, few others come in singular formats. There are a number of factors that must be considered while taking a decision at the time of buying a car – be it a used car for sale or a brand new one.


Diesel variants of cars are usually more expensive than their petrol counterparts. In the past, there was always a significant difference between the cost of petrol and diesel. Decisions were taken while keeping long-term financial implications in mind. While it was expensive to invest in the diesel variant, the decision was compensated by the lower cost of refueling. Today, the gap between the prices of the two forms of fuel have narrowed down considerably. As such, the cost benefit of owning a diesel variant is negligent. The cost of maintenance is yet another significant component to be taken into consideration. It has been largely agreed that diesel-powered vehicles incur greater costs of servicing and maintenance.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a complex element to explore as a number of factors play a contributing role in its definition. Fuel efficiency is largely dependent on usage and driving style. However, on a general basis petrol cars are typically more powered and take less time to perform better. A petrol engine is also credited with fewer emissions per litre, other than with giving greater mileage as against its diesel counterpart. Although it is true that diesel engines are equipped with greater torque that allows them to pull greater loads without having to consume more fuel or impacting speed and performance.

Engine Life

There seem to be diverse opinions as far as life of engines is concerned. While it is popularly believed that a petrol powered engine lasts longer on account of better fuel combustion and lower compression ratios, many experts from the automobile industry strongly differ in opinion. Celebrated engineers believe that a well-maintained diesel engine can serve just as well and run as much as 3,000,000kms before it needs to be replaced. Trucks, buses and minivans equipped with durable diesel engines are examples often cited in this regard.

Resale Value

As in every other aspect, there is great debate on whether petrol or diesel vehicles fetch greater resale value. Unfortunately though, resale value is dependent on many other factors as well such as model, mileage and overall condition of the car, apart from whether it is petrol or diesel-powered. Yet, petrol vehicles are generally believed to fetch greater resale value on account of assumed lower maintenance costs.

There are no definitive guidelines or rules related to buying a car. However, decision-making becomes a slightly more tricky process when going in for a second-hand vehicle. It is imperative to look into the many nuances that can go unnoticed or unobserved. It is therefore necessary to rely on experienced and reliable dealers such as Hertz R2B UK, who have on offer a fleet of good quality second-hand cars of different brands and models. With technical details looked into, one can choose based on personal needs and preferences.

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