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Video: Can the Kia Soul EV really manage 132 miles?

Electric vehicles come with some downsides, not least is range anxiety. Can you really go as far as the manufacturers claim?

The Kia Soul EV, a pure electric car that uses nothing but batteries and a motor to propel you, was launched late last year with a claim that it can manage 132 miles between charges.

The worry for many potential buyers is that electric cars rarely go as far as the manufacturers claim, especially once the temperatures drop and you have to use heaters and headlights.

However, Kia has faith in their Soul so set out to prove that 132 miles really can be achieved, and without resorting to laboratory conditions.

Handing the keys over to a driver from eco-experts Next Green Car, The Soul headed around the wilds of Somerset and Wiltshire on a cold December day, facing city traffic, the M4 and country lanes.

The temperature failed to rise above eight degrees, so the heater was definitely needed, while heavy rain made use of the wipers necessary. Sat nav, heated seats and the DAB radio were all in use, too.

Returning to Kia’s base, the Soul had covered 125.3 miles, and was showing nine miles range left, a potential total of 134.9 miles – slightly better than the claimed mileage.

If there’s any doubt, check out the video below that illustrates the event as well as the conditions facing the team.

We’ll be putting the Soul EV through its paces later in the year, so if there’s any questions just let us know.

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