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The most feared Christmas journeys revealed

A recent survey has revealed the Christmas road trips most dreaded by drivers in the UK, and it’s not good news for those heading to the shopping centres.

The most feared journey is the battle to the shopping centre, according to the survey results. Some 45% of drivers dread the thought of fighting their way to a crowded mall.

Returning to work in the New Year was cited by 24% as the worst festive trip, although by that point it’s no longer festive. A surprisingly low 20% can’t face the prospect of the annual pilgrimage to the relatives; I can only assume they have better relatives than me.

Simple bad weather issues just missed out on the top three.

“With over 13 million cars taking to the roads over the festive period it can be a very stressful time for drivers,” said Be Wiser Insurance’s Mark Bower-Dyke. “Many motorists are making long journeys for the first time on roads that they may not be familiar with and coupled with bad driving conditions it can be tricky.

“We would always advise motorists to be prepared and plan ahead for safe journeys, check the car over, make sure routes are planned and ensure that adequate breakdown cover is in place in case of emergencies.”

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