Stunning RC F finally makes Lexus desirable (with video)

Lexus revealed its dramatic RC coupe last week in Geneva, with the powerful RC F taking centre stage thanks to its 450bhp engine and exclusive design features and dynamic upgrades.

Although loosely based on the GS platform, the RC will be a stand-alone model in the Lexus range, rather than simply a two-door derivative of an existing model.

The new RC model range aims to raise Lexus’ profile with a broader and younger audience, attracting buyers to the CT and IS models as well as shifting as many RCs as possible, by injecting more emotional appeal in to their range.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the RC at Geneva, and there’s no doubting that the car makes an impression. Deeply contoured lines arch over the front end, while the trademark ‘spindle’ grille is wider and lower than on any other model.

Inside there’s extensive use of contrasting colours, materials and lighting, with illumination rising up from the floor of the car. Behind the driver-focussed IS-style cockpit sits two individual rear seats, making it a cosy but acceptable car for everyday use.

Aside from the RC F, there’ll be an RC 300h hybrid model powered by a 2.5 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine generating 176bhp paired with a 141bhp electric motor. A six-step CVT gearbox will transmit the power to the wheels, combining excellent performance and impressive economy.

Little has been lost in the transition from the LF-LC concept revealed last year to the new RC coupe. Lexus, already widely acknowledged for the quality, refinement and reliability of their cars, will soon have something the heart can lust after.

The video below will get your appetite whetted while you wait for my first drive of the car later in the year.

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