Mitsubishi to bring 40 ‘Final Edition’ Evo X’s to UK

The Mitsubishi Evo has had more curtain calls than Kiss, but there will be one more final edition making its way to the UK.

Just forty of the models, dubbed the ‘Final Edition’, will be making their way from Japan, but they’ll be the most powerful cars Mitsubishi has ever sold.

Powered by a heavily modified MIVEC turbocharged engine, the last Evo X will produce in excess of 400bhp.

Combined with permanent four wheel drive and either a manual or six-speed twin-clutch auto shifting gearbox, the Final Edition should have enough performance to compete with supercars, with the zero to sixty sprint completed in well under four seconds.

The car will come loaded with acronym-laden technology that covers everything from the Active Centre Differential to Active Yaw Control.

Torque vectoring and sports stability control will also make their presence felt.

There will be few options, with each car available in just one colour; white.

It’s expected, as was the case with the FQ400, that the cars will be generously equipped, helping to ease the pain of the expected high price.

The Final Edition cars will arrive in the UK in the second half of the year, with a price tag expected to be around £50,000.

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