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Celebrate motoring with eBay Collections

We all get quiet moments during the day, and during mine I’m invariably drawn to eBay to browse cars to fill up both my virtual and real shed. I set the price limit to a maximum of £500 and scroll through what cars are available.

eBay Collections 2014 FrontSeatPhil OverviewSometimes that means that I end up buying some random cars such as my most recent purchase, an old £300 Lancia Dedra, or even a Renault Safrane that cost me just £51.

More often I fill up the virtual shed though, clicking through to check out the details of cars I’ve either not got the room to store (although occasionally that doesn’t stop me) or, more frequently, I don’t have the funds to buy in the first place.

Now eBay has introduced Collections, where I can put all my random motoring desires. I’ve built a number of Collections, and you can now follow my lead and see exactly what it is that floats my boat.

eBay Collections 2014 Affordable ClassicsMy Affordable Classics collection is just that, cars that all come in at under £5,000 with a whiff of the special about them, from the MG B to the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The French Collection celebrates all that is unique about Gallic motoring, from hydro-pneumatic suspension to two-door-coupe-people-carrier-sportscars.

Alongside Car Art, Military Manoeuvres and even James Bond’s Model Motoring, my own favourite has to be 80s Repmobiles. Once seen pounding up and down the British motorways, these forgotten mile-munchers make for tempting propositions now that depreciation has taken its toll.

I’ll be adding to my collections over the coming months, but I’ll also be following the collections created by other motoring luminaries, such as the teams behind PetrolBlog and Carwitter. Please, do join in the fun too.

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