Chevrolet slashes prices by up to £9,000

Chevrolet has had enough of Europe, announcing that the brand will disappear from this side of the Atlantic by the end of next year.

Truth be told, that’s not a huge loss as the range is somewhat lacklustre, without the appeal to sway fashion conscious buyers but also without the value that would entice the more frugal purchasers to the brand.

However, while General Motors focus their “investments where the opportunity for growth is greatest,” there’s the small matter of shifting the existing stock to the underwhelmed, and now undoubtedly sceptical, buying masses.

The obvious choice for Chevrolet is to cut prices, but Chevrolet haven’t just cut the sticker prices but slashed them.

Chevrolet Spark 2014 Front Spark, a tiny but spacious city car that lacks refinement but adds a stylish look and decent driving dynamics, gets cut by a huge £2,480 from £8,875 to an eye catching £6,395.

Undoubtedly the most stylish Chevrolet, the Cruze SW (or estate to you and me), offers a lot of load space with some good levels of equipment offset by some cheap interiors and gruff engines. At the original £15,680 it just about looked reasonable value, but the current price of £10,180, an amazing 35.1% saving, is an incredibly tempting proposition.

Chevrolet Orlando 2014 Profile you need more space for people and luggage, the slightly anonymous Orlando provides an upright load-lugger that did start at £20,620. Thanks to some enthusiastic slashing in the pricing department, you can pick one up brand new for just £13,620. That is a huge amount of metal for the money.

Even the token Americana hasn’t escaped the scissors, with the iconic Camaro having £7,000 cut from the asking price, with a massive engine left hand drive sports car now yours for £29,820.

Once the Chevrolet brand has been erased, GM will be concentrating on Vauxhall in the UK. Until then, there’s still time to pick up something that’s a little different from the norm, and at exceptional prices.

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