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Bridgestone bloggers experience Adrenalin rush

What happens when you take a bunch of bloggers from across Europe to the Ascari Race Resort in Spain and ask them to write a blog about the experience?

More than you might expect, as they were expected to blog about their experiences with the new Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 tyres whilst being subjected to a high-speed passenger ride around the circuit.

With a laptop computer strapped to their legs, and their wrists strapped to the laptop, the bloggers had just five minutes to describe their impression of the new Adrenalin tyres while a professional race driver tried to extract every ounce of performance from the Bridgestone-shod Audi sports car they were in.

Putting up with forces you don’t usually find at your desk, the driver tried to get across the exhilaration of driving on tyres that offer higher levels of precision, stability and control. Straight line stability is strong, but the fluid responses in the turns produced the most spectacular results thanks to an asymmetric design and advanced construction that enlarges the contact patch.

That contact patch is a key part of road safety, too. Turn over your hand now and look at the size of the palm. Now multiply that by four and that is roughly how much rubber holds you on to the road whether there’s sun, rain, snow or ice. Through wet leaves, spilled diesel, potholes and gravel, that small contact patch is all that keeps you from having an unscheduled meeting with a tree, so it’s worth ensuring that you use the best tyres you possibly can.

The Bridgestone Adrenalin certainly provides all the ingredients that make up a great tyre, so visit the Bridgestone website now and see if it’s the right tyre for you and your car. In the meantime, check out the video above to see just how those lucky bloggers got on…


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