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Technology goes further with Ford

Modern automotive technology is fantastic. There may be plenty of claims that ‘things were better back in my day’ but, quite frankly, that is not true.

Back in my day, whenever that was, you were lucky to get an FM radio in your new car. Now there are digital DAB radios going in to every other car. ABS brakes were a new fangled technology being fitted to the top spec luxury cars, where now you’ll find it on almost every car, from the very cheapest cars to the most luxurious limousines.

Surprisingly, it’s Ford that is consistently coming up with interesting new technologies that genuinely seems to make a difference.

For millions, parallel parking is near impossible. On occasion, even I’ve got it wrong and I’m quite proud of my abilities to squeeze a car into any given space. Ford’s Active Park Assist technology helps you to do just that, the car automatically steering you in to a parking space using ultrasonic sensors and electric power-assisted steering.

You don’t even need to find a space yourself first as, at the press of a button, the car will alert you to a space that it knows is big enough to slide the car in to.

Ford promises in its branding that it will ‘Go Further‘, and that’s true at even the most basic level; the US giant has their Door Edge Protector. Not a life changer, sure, but this bit of plastic that pings out over the edge of a door when you open it will save many a scratch and dent in the Waitrose car park, without ruining the lines of the car by having a plastic lump stuck to it at all times.

Then there’s the Hands-free Tailgate. Carrying lots of Waitrose bags? Simply wave your foot under the rear bumper and the boot lid opens. Honestly, that’s bordering on genius.

For safety, there is the Quickclear windscreen. I first recall seeing it on a Granada in the late 80s, where countless really thin strips of wire are laid inside the windscreen and shown a chunk of electricity, heating up the wire and defrosting or demisting a windscreen quickly. No more peering through a porthole while you wait for the heater to warm up.

There are all sorts of other technologies Ford have come up with that are fitted to all models from the Ka to the Kuga, and it has produced a series of dramatic films to really visualise what these technologies can do for drivers, from parking a car on the edge of a skyscraper to diving through the middle of a B-MAX.

These, and many more, are available at where Ford will talk you through all of the innovative technology it currently has available. You evem get the opportunity to tell Ford what you’d like your car to do for you, so get creative and let’s see where we can take technology.

Things really aren’t how they were in my day. That’s great news.

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