Chrysler relaunches brand in UK with £10 million campaign

Chrysler is relaunching in the UK with a powerful series of adverts that draw from the urban, gritty reputation the brand has in the US.

Running under the slogan ‘Different Is What We Do’, the £10 million campaign is led by three major television commercials, the first of which was a 60-second film during the break in Sky TV’s coverage of the Super Bowl last week.

The advert features the entire Chrysler range, with the new 300C taking centre stage, backed up by the Grand Voyager. The Delta and Ypsilon, both rebadged Lancia’s, make up the rest of the range.

Starting out in Detroit, and heavily influenced by the marques ‘Imported from Detroit’ commercials in the US, the advert shows the 300C cruising through motor city, before emerging from a tunnel in London.

“These are exciting times for Chrysler,” says Nigel Land, brand director at Jeep Chrysler UK. “The brand’s great success in the States is widely recognized, and this will help us to establish Chrysler as a main competitor in the UK car market.

“From the Motor City, Detroit, Chrysler celebrates the car industry and its people and the pride in the things they make. It features a story of resilience not dissimilar to many around the UK and Europe.”

Chrysler’s previous efforts in the UK have received a lukewarm reception, with only the current 300C turning British heads. The inclusion of badge-engineered Lancia’s in the range could finally give the US car maker a foothold here. The Ypsilon, a supermini slightly larger than the Fiat 500, starts at £10,695, while the Focus sized Delta starts at £16,695. The new 300C will be available in the UK late in 2012.

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  1. Interesting advert! I think the Ypsilon and Delta look as though they would appeal to the UK market, but the 300C looks very American and official!

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